[Seaside] Seaside / .Net Job

Ramon Leon ramon.leon at allresnet.com
Fri Jan 22 18:14:55 UTC 2016

We're looking for a full time remote mid-level front-end 
Smalltalk/Seaside/? developer with some additional non Smalltalk skills. 
4+ years experience or equivalent talent, with strong emphasis on 
front-end JavaScript and AJAX development. Must be skilled in 
client-side web technologies: HTML, CSS, JavaScript and jQuery (must 
have skills), Prototype (can learn). Must be familiar with tools like 
firebug/chrome and Visual Studio.  Our primary application is a Seaside 
2.8 web app running on Pharo 1.1 Smalltalk. A little out of date but it 
serves us well and it's in need of some additions.

There won't be enough Smalltalk work for a full time position, so you 
need to have some additional skills with which we can keep you busy the 
rest of the time.  So we're interested in either a Seaside Smalltalk / 
JavaScript guy, or a Seaside Smalltalk / .Net guy.

We are interested in U.S. residents only, this is full time remote work 
9 to 5 type thing.

So if you're more the Smalltalk/JavaScript type please visit:

and follow the instructions there, if you're the Smalltalk/.Net type 
please visit:


and follow the instructions there.  Along with those, find a way to show 
me your Smalltalk/Seaside skills, I don't have a specific test for it, 
but your code is your resume; it's what I'm looking at.

Compensation: 60-75k depending on skill set.

Ramon Leon
Chief Technical Officer
Alliance Reservations Network

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