[Seaside] Re: GRInvalidUtf8Error: Invalid UTF-8 input

Johan Brichau johan at inceptive.be
Sat Jun 25 08:00:10 UTC 2016


Your observation that Sven and I both fixed it in different places is correct.
I did revert the fix on December 26th but I somehow created the package below with the same version number and it never got uploaded correctly (for reasons I cannot really explain).

Name: Zinc-Seaside-JohanBrichau.43
Author: JohanBrichau
Time: 26 December 2014, 4:00:06.580211 pm
UUID: 62fd0b62-9e07-498e-aac8-3432614b39fc
Ancestors: Zinc-Seaside-pmm.42

I already created a new package .44 and will email it to Sven but...

The “funny” part right now is that the upload file test does not break in my image when using the published code for Zinc-Seaside!
So… I am a bit baffled and would like to understand first what is going in.


> On 25 Jun 2016, at 09:35, Hilaire <hilaire at drgeo.eu> wrote:
> When downloading
> http://mc.stfx.eu/ZincHTTPComponents/Zinc-Seaside-JohanBrichau.43.mcz
> and viewing the source code in a text editor, the #decode: message is
> present in the convertMultipartFileField: method.
> Hilaire
> Le 25/06/2016 09:24, Johan Brichau a écrit :
>> Hilaire,
>> I threw away my package cache and notice that I had a different version
>> of the same package…
>> Need to figure out what happened. The commit comment refers
>> to https://code.google.com/p/seaside/issues/detail?id=836
>> Looking into it and trying to refresh my mind :/
>> Johan
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