[Seaside] Re: GRInvalidUtf8Error: Invalid UTF-8 input

Johan Brichau johan at inceptive.be
Sat Jun 25 08:21:24 UTC 2016

> On 25 Jun 2016, at 10:00, Johan Brichau <johan at inceptive.be> wrote:
> The “funny” part right now is that the upload file test does not break in my image when using the published code for Zinc-Seaside!
> So… I am a bit baffled and would like to understand first what is going in.

I got it... it crashes in Safari, not with Chrome.
Obviously, the ‘old fix’ was wrong and I undid it in December 2016 but the package was never correctly committed (only in my package cache… which I also never cleared apparently in my Seaside work folder…)

I sent my package .44 to Sven for publication. Just remove the decode: message send in the adaptor, as you mentioned.

thanks for reporting and sorry about the mess

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