[Seaside] form action change to external link?

Robert Kuszinger kuszinger at giscom.hu
Tue Mar 1 14:30:41 UTC 2016

Hello Everyone!

I'm still working on my large file upload project on a windows server (so
ngix won't play :( ).
I have a good uploader and also technique to solve upload outside Seaside
(or VA WebCOnnection as I did before) and then come back into the session

But to make it I need to hack the seaside form to put my own link into the

Here is what I did, but it seems that action is overwritten by Seaside to
its usual internal form action (understandably)

f := html form.

f with:[

   .... form creaton code here.... works well, no problem.......


*f action: 'http://localhost/home/html/upload_large.asp

And when looking at generated page source:

<form accept-charset="utf-8" method="post" action="

So, how to hack my own action into the form?

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