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Sat Mar 12 15:03:36 UTC 2016

Hello,We're seeing a problem where entering large text into a textArea causes the component to no longer be responsive. In our case, using VW 7.10.1, the problem only happens if we're using a reverse proxy (either HA Proxy or Apache). To debug the problem, I set up a development VW image running Seaside on port 7771 and HA Proxy on another server, redirecting port 80 to 7771. I then connected two sessions: one directly to the Seaside image, and one by way of the HA Proxy server. The directly connected session works fine, no limit on entered text that I can see. HA Proxy session has problems if the text entered is around 3500 (the exact number varies). 
Cincom suggested putting a break into SiouX.NetHttpResponder>>createRequestFrom: which shows that jQuery callback from onInput is not being sent.
So, to isolate the problem (and get some help on this forum), I coded an example in a new Pharo 4.0 image, with Seaside 3.1. This example, however, has the same symptom as my VW + HA Proxy configuration: once the entered text is past around 3500, the onInput ajax callback no longer responds. I'm hoping someone can shed some light on this problem... I have some unhappy users. 
renderContentOn: html
 html heading: 'Text Editor'. html textArea style: 'width: 820px; height: 200px; ';  value: self enteredText; onInput: ( html jQuery ajax  callback: [:stringValue | self enteredText: stringValue] value: html jQuery this value); onBlur: ( (html jQuery id: 'displayedText') load html: [:renderer |  self renderEnteredTextOn: renderer]). html horizontalRule. self renderEnteredTextOn: html.

renderEnteredTextOn: html
 html div id: 'displayedText'; with: [  html big: 'size: ', self enteredText size printString; break. html text: self enteredText]

Bob NemecHTS
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