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Paul DeBruicker pdebruic at gmail.com
Wed May 11 16:15:52 UTC 2016

Hi Sabine,

Oh you're right that is an integral part.   Sorry I left it out earlier.  

It looks like this:

renderMoreItems: someResults from: aRequest at: anId on: html
	| itemsToRender  |
	itemsToRender := self checkMoreResultsComplete: someResults.
	itemsToRender isNil
		ifTrue: [ 
					(((html jQuery id: anId) registeredInterval)
						delay: 2 seconds;
								(html jQuery ajax
										script: [ :s | 
													((s jQuery class: 'results:visible:last')
														replaceWith: [ :h | 
																renderMoreItems: someResults
																from: aRequest
																at: anId
																on: h ]) ])).
			(html div)
				class: 'results';
				with: [ 
							html heading level2
								with: [ 
									html render: 'waiting for results .... '.
									html image resourceUrl: '/img/icon-loader.gif' ] ] ]
		ifFalse: [ 
			html script: (html jQuery id: anId) registeredInterval.
			itemsToRender := itemsToRender copy select: [ :each | self filterItem:
each ].
			itemsToRender isEmpty
				ifTrue: [ self renderNoMoreItemsError: html ]
				ifFalse: [ 
				        self renderItems: itemsToRender on: html
					self renderEndlessScroll: html with: aRequest with: anId ] ]

The someResults object is a future from
The #registeredInterval script is just a throwaway script that creates
creates a js setInterval and stores it in the DOM to poll whether the future
has results or not.  Sending it with no arguments clears the interval.   If
I were writing it again I'd just use setTimeout to do the polling.  But
thats all orthogonal to your question.

Hope this helps


Sabine Manaa wrote
> Hi Paul,
> thanks for sharing. I try to use it.
> I think there is a typo in
> method
> 	^'endessScroll'
> ==> 'endlessScroll'
> Could you please send me a piece of code what your 
>>> self renderMoreItems: moreItems from: aRequest at: id on: h
> does?
> Regards
> Sabine

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