[Seaside] html jQuery ajax 400 Bad Request - solved

PAUL DEBRUICKER pdebruic at gmail.com
Sun Nov 13 19:24:03 UTC 2016

Hi - 

I just spent a little over an hour or so trying to figure out why a JQAjax>>#callback:json: was resulting in a 400 Bad Request error. The error occurred because the JSON body was to long to send in a GET request.  When I switched from 

html jQuery ajax callback:[:json | self processJson: json] json: (JSStream on: 'myInterestingVariable')


html jQuery post callback:[:json | self processJson: json] json: (JSStream on: 'myInterestingVariable')

everything worked out great because POST body sizes are allowed to be longer, and that length is set by the server, not the spec.  

So I'm just sending this note to my future self for the next time I forget this is how the world is. 

Please forgive the noise.  


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