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Fri Sep 23 12:20:07 UTC 2016

We're trying to use iMacros for testing. Selecting widgets and navigating is working well, since they can use relative position (handy when the component id is different each time). 
Problem is that when entering content into a text field the 'oninput' javascript event is not being triggered. We depend on that. I have an open ticket with the vendor. They've sent some suggestions, but no luck so far. Surprising, you'd think that would be a basic event trigger. 
If the oninput worked iMacros looks like it would be a useful tool for testing a Seaside app.
Bob NemecHTS 

    On Friday, September 23, 2016 6:16 AM, lesage yann <yannlesag at gmail.com> wrote:


I work for Synectique. We are trying to test telescope and all front end of our website. We have started to write tests in js on client-side with mocha on DOM(number of element, element visibility or css change...)

We want to automate our tests with Jenkins and optionally launch this test from  the Pharo image. We have planed to make this with mocha, xml reporter and take syntaxe from TestCase class.

To avoid to reinvent the wheel, we have searched for existants solutions and found :
- SeasideTesting -> don't load in Pharo 4.0 
- Albatros : we have found the repo but the last version dates from 2010 and is based on squeak.

So is there someone who test front-end in pharo4.0 with seaside and how ? 
Is There an existants and functional project ?

Thanks for  your answers
Yann Lesage

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