[Seaside] how to stopInterval which was created by JSObject>>interval:

Sabine Manaa manaa.sabine at gmail.com
Fri Apr 28 08:18:07 UTC 2017

Hi Paul and Esteban,

thanks a lot for your answer. I just managed it to create my reports with
the >>assignTo: hint.

I needed an additional js which starts in onComplete: of the load and also
has an interval.
this interval watches if the report is rendered and if yes, stops himself
and the report creator interval.
It took some time for me to understand and find a good way but now I am
happy with this solution.

Before, I had a complete javascript only solution and this was more
complicated and did not work sometimes.


2017-04-25 16:28 GMT+02:00 Paul DeBruicker [via Smalltalk] <
ml+s1294792n4944038h73 at n4.nabble.com>:

> JSObject has #assignTo: which you can use to assign the interval id
> returned by the setInterval() js function to a js var name in the browser.
> So in your case I might try
> (((html jQuery id: anId) load
> html: [ :r |
> ...show the report file... ];
> interval: 2 seconds) assignTo: 'interval',anId
> Then later you can clear the interval.
> Another strategy is to use your polling code to set a #timeout: rather
> than the #interval:.  So the polling code checks to see if the report is
> ready, if not it sets another timeout to check again in two seconds.
>  When the report is ready, it returns the report.  In that way the
> interval/timeout mess cleans up after itself.
> Sabine Manaa wrote
> Hi,
> I use JSObject>>interval: (thanks Johan) for my report generation:
> first I show a spinner. Every 2 seconds, I try to reload the reports png
> file (it takes a little time to generate it).
> This works but I have one final problem: how can I stop the interval?
> Four intervals are started each time the user selects a trip and wants the
> reports to be shown (there are 4 report types currently). I have to stop
> them, if not, they overlap with the old reports.
> Below is a part of the code I use. As far as I understand, I need an ID of
> the interval to call clearInterval(timerId); In the onComplete: of the
> load
> I want to call clearInterval() with this timerId.
> html div
> ...
> script:
> ((html jQuery id: anId) load
> html: [ :r |
> ...show the report file... ];
> interval: 2 seconds);
> It creates this JS
> setInterval(function(){$("#imageVehicleReport").load("/
> RKA",["_s=sW0fUJ73IwxSs_bo","_k=b14htm7FJ6AWvWeW","4152"].join("&"))},2000)
> How can I stop it?
> Regards
> Sabine
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