[Seaside] What does "Signal:1" mean?

David Pennington david at totallyobjects.com
Tue Dec 19 13:38:47 UTC 2017

Oh, shucks. Didn't open the stack up far enough! Back to the drawing board (or keyboard!).
Thanks Joachim. Note to self: check the obvious first! (I wouldn't mind but I have been writing Smalltalk for 27 years so I should know this).

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I guess you should take a closer look at this part of the Stack:

OrderedCollection(SequenceableCollection)>>#first self=OrderedCollection() 

OrderedCollection>>#first self=OrderedCollection() TM470User>>#carCardForRoadNumber: self=a TM470User id='BM:33549' 

[] in TM470CurrentTrain>>#constructCarsUsing: self=a TM470CurrentTrain aUser=a TM470User carArray=OrderedCollection('BM:33549' 'BAR:6724' 'CP:240000' 

Seems like you try to use the first element in an empty Collection. Not related to Seaside, afaik.


David Pennington  hat am 19. Dezember 2017 um 14:30 geschrieben: 

I am testing my Seaside development - Instantiations VAST 9.0 - and I am getting "Signal: 1" as an error. The problem is that the stack doesn't tell me where the error is, or at least not that I can understand. I attach a screen shot and the stack trace. Can anyone help me understand this please?
DavidTotally Objects 

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