[Seaside] How do I find a REST request in a URL?

David Pennington david at totallyobjects.com
Fri Feb 10 12:04:28 UTC 2017

WAPresenter>>#initialRequest: aRequest worked for me although I would like to make a call in my code rather than having to alter the base code. Any thought on how I would do that? At the moment I am just copying the uri out to one of my instance variables in that method, which isn't very nice.

DavidFYI, I don't have a class WABrowser in my VisualAge implementation so that line was no good to me.
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Have a look at 

WAPresenter>>#initialRequest: aRequest
	"When a new session is started, all visible presenters (components or tasks) receive this message with the request as argument.

	A common usage for this is to initialize their state depending on the URL of the request. This is one building block for bookmarkable URL. The other is updateUrl: where you can manipulate the anchor urls generated by Seaside.

	You can not use #call: in here. Consider using a WATask instead and sending #call: in #go.

	See WABrowser for examples.
	You may want to access the WAPathConsumer (self requestContext consumer) to get a hold of the unconsumed path."


> Am 10.02.2017 um 11:39 schrieb David Pennington :
> Hi there. I want to start a Seaside page from a standard web page. 
> I want to use a standard REST format such as http://www.myseasideweb.com:8080/mySeasidePage?oneSpecialImage.
> in mySpecialPage, I want to recover the 'oneSpecialImage' to display a chose image on the page.
> How would I do that in mySeasidePage please?
> David
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