[Seaside] Session expiry and where to set it

Robert Kuszinger kuszinger at giscom.hu
Wed Feb 15 13:28:04 UTC 2017


I have a running Seaside app (in Pharo). I'd like to change the session
Found an example of:

application cache expiryPolicy configuration
  at: #cacheTimeout
  put: (45 * 60 )

(I'd like to make it 45 minutes because of long uploads)

I have this class as main object.

WAComponent subclass: #GcMBFHMain
instanceVariableNames: 'sessionId uploadData userInfo validLogin
statusMessage ini db mode sessionData'
classVariableNames: ''
category: 'GiscomKkt'

In this image the /seaside (configuration?) application is not present
anymore (or switched off, I forgot what I did).


   - *Where do I know/get my application object being able to send to it
   the messages of the upper example in this email?*
   - Is there a method to set expiry dinamically. For example: when
   rendering normal pages I set the timeout to 15 min. When upload start page
   is rendered, expiry is set to 45 min and following a successful upload
   expiry is set back to 15 min. Uploads are handled by an external app (.Net)
   but then the request comes back to the same Seaside session from where it
   was started (called out)

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