[Seaside] Need some help formatting my table

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welcome to the web learning curve ;-)

First, your css is correct syntactically, but doesn't work because the 
css selectors search for elements that have an id attribute of 'table' 
'th' or 'td'

Remove the hash signs and the result should look better. Or you could 
set the id's of your tags during rendering (not the best option in this 

Some hints for you:

  * read a short introduction on css selectors. For the beginning, find
    out the difference between 'table', '.table' and '#table'. These CSS
    selectors will be extremely importnat not only for styling but also
    when you come to the point where you want to manipulate elements on
    a page using Javascript/jQuery
  * When a page is rendered and doesn't look the way you expect, look at
    the html source code in your Browser's deleoper tools. Sometimes you
    may find your style or javascript code is not rendered
  * Try to skip the #style method and read up on WAFileLibraries. You
    will want to use styles for multiple pages and with the #style
    method you'd have to implement the same style definitions for each
    and every WAComponent again. In a bigger project, it will be a
    nightmare for mainetenance



Am 11.07.17 um 05:26 schrieb Donald MacQueen:
> I have this style method:
> style
>     ^'#table{border: 1px solid black;}
> #th{    border: 1px solid black;}
> #td{    border: 1px solid black;}
> I have grepped the archives and googled my brains out this past two 
> hours.
> Thanks in advance.

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