[Seaside] How to handle errors with a page that can go back

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Tue Jul 11 09:03:27 UTC 2017

Hi there,

we've been using a WAHtmlErrorHandler for quite a while in our 
application, but there are some limitations to that appraoch:

  * If an error happens in a subcomponent, the HTML Error handler will
    only be displayed in place of the failing component, not as a page
    of its own. This is irritating for quite a few users, some even
    don't realize an error occured and contniue clicking and stuff...
  * I haven't found a way to allow the user to go back to the last page
    and redo their changes

Let me give you an example of what I'd like to achieve:

 1. A user submits a form and thus a callback is called on the server
 2. The callback handling code runs into a resumable exception
 3. We display a full page saying: "Hey, this and that is wrong, you
    better go back and change your input"
    (Unfortunately, the situations I am speaking about cannot be
    validated before the user submits - think of it as an optimistic
    locking failure)
 4. This error page offers a "I want to go back and be a good user and
    correct my input" link or button. It is a root component, coverng
    the whole page under all circumstances
 5. The callback of that link does resume the exception, maybe clear up
    some data and go back to the component the user came from

Has anybody done this? Is it described somewhere?



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