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HI again,

so let me ask my question differently, and one part after the other:

(How) Do people use a WAHtmlErrorHandler in such a way that it always is 
a full page, not a replacement of a subcomponent?
Is this only possible by adding some javascript magic to redirect to a 

(How) Do people implemtn their error handlers so that they redirect a 
user back to the form where an error has happened in order ot let them 
correct their input?
I am not asking for form validation but for errors that happen during 
callback processing...

Any hints?


Am 11.07.17 um 11:03 schrieb jtuchel at objektfabrik.de:
> Hi there,
> we've been using a WAHtmlErrorHandler for quite a while in our 
> application, but there are some limitations to that appraoch:
>   * If an error happens in a subcomponent, the HTML Error handler will
>     only be displayed in place of the failing component, not as a page
>     of its own. This is irritating for quite a few users, some even
>     don't realize an error occured and contniue clicking and stuff...
>   * I haven't found a way to allow the user to go back to the last
>     page and redo their changes
> Let me give you an example of what I'd like to achieve:
>  1. A user submits a form and thus a callback is called on the server
>  2. The callback handling code runs into a resumable exception
>  3. We display a full page saying: "Hey, this and that is wrong, you
>     better go back and change your input"
>     (Unfortunately, the situations I am speaking about cannot be
>     validated before the user submits - think of it as an optimistic
>     locking failure)
>  4. This error page offers a "I want to go back and be a good user and
>     correct my input" link or button. It is a root component, coverng
>     the whole page under all circumstances
>  5. The callback of that link does resume the exception, maybe clear
>     up some data and go back to the component the user came from
> Has anybody done this? Is it described somewhere?
> Thanks,
> Joachim
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