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On Mon, Jul 17, 2017 at 11:10 AM, Sven Van Caekenberghe <sven at stfx.eu>

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> wrote:
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> > Hi all,
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> > A while back our team presented Quuve [1], a customizable investment
> management ecosystem for professional investors. We also discussed the
> technologies employed to build it [2] (it is developed on Pharo and
> deployed on GemStone). We are reaching out again because we recently
> revamped our website [3] and created a number of promotional videos that
> demonstrate Quuve's power [4].
> I finally watched the first video and I must say this is really
> impressive. So cool to see Smalltalk code in scripting boxes !
Thanks Sven,

Yes, the rule engine is with Smalltalk code. The user can write their own
rules (for fundamentals, algorithms, quants, screening filters, etc). The
code of these rules can be simple keys or Smalltalk blocks. When blocks,
these are something like this:

[ :aProcessorProxy | aProcessorProxy revenues / aProcessorProxy price ]

and things like that. Basically, in general we pass by a "proxy" to a
processor which then dynamically understands keys and ends up evaluating

Sure, we have problems with mathematical operators and their precedence
etc. But we try to document this and provide many many examples. There is
also a kind of debugger with some call stack about the called keys etc. See
[1] (all violet are links that open popups to see more info)

And if you liked to see Smalltalk, did you see the rules browser?  hahah.
See [2].

> How large is the technical team that built / is building this ? It looks
> like a really deep/wide application.

The product started like a single-man project in 1996. It started with
Python, then moved to Smalltalk. It has no UI back then. I joined them
about 5 years ago and have been working for them since then. In these last
years we started a new UI using Seaside and Bootstrap, start using Ajax
everywhere, we started using GemStone for deploy, etc etc. The team was/is
really small..... I cannot even believe myself how much we were able to do
with the team size we had. And...I cannot stop thinking what we COULD do
with a bigger team... I can give you more details privately if you wish.

> Anyway, great work. I hope you can make a living out of this.

Thanks Sven for your nice words.

[1] http://imgur.com/a/u57x7
[2] http://imgur.com/a/rkVoL

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