[Seaside] seaside Digest, Vol 175, Issue 33

David Pennington david at totallyobjects.com
Sat Jul 29 15:39:28 UTC 2017

I think you will need to provide a bit more of the stacktrace to know =what is going wrong.Seems like you are sending `javascript:` directly to a stream; so we =need to know what is going on where.
I do find it strange that you need to restart your Smalltalk image for =this. This should be an error for a single Seaside session and not =blocking..=20Though, I must say, I am not a VAST user.
It is not me that is doing this. I am NOT sending any JavaScript to the image - this happens at times when I am not using the image (I am using it to test a project for the Open University so it is only used as a testbed under close working conditions. hence know when I am using it and this happens when I am not.
The stack trace means nothing to me as it is all within Seaside. Any breaks that I put in my code do not fire when this happens.
Stack trace attached.

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