[Seaside] Seaside and Pharo 6: Problem with Umlauts?

Dietmar Schielke dietmar.schielke at data-experts.de
Fri Jun 9 14:35:58 UTC 2017

Hello Seasiders,

I just managed to load Seaside  into a Pharo 6.0 image running on MacOS 
Sierra unsing

Metacello new
  version: #stable;

Beside starting the ServerAdaptor manually via 
        ZnZincServerAdaptor startOn: 8081.
because of the missing class NewListModel

I had to change 
because the used stream does not support
        #nextPutAll: with a Character as argument.

So I changeed in #writeAStatusOn:
        nextPut: $ ;
        nextPut: $  charCode;
in two places.

Furthermore the used stream does not support 
so I added it to ZdcAbstractSocketStream.

Now I can open the examples etc.

That was easy :-)

Now I tried to deploy an old Seaside App written by me and got "cannot 
parse response" error in my webbrowser (no debugger in the VM).
I tracked it down to the use of Umlauts (äüö) in the rendered pages.

As a simple demo of this problem I changed the WACounter example. If I add 
a german Umlaut to the "++" or "--" label I get a "cannot parse response" 
in my browser upon rendering the WACounter expample.

Is there something wrong with my setup or is it a bug? 
Many thanks for any hints.

Happy coding,


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