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Dietmar Schielke dietmar.schielke at data-experts.de
Mon Jun 19 14:48:20 UTC 2017

Hi Johan,

thanks for your answer!
Yes, I tried ZnZincServerAdaptor and with it I can access the starting 
page and even the WACounter demo works with Umlauts.

I think I need the streaming server adaptor because I want to port a pre 
3.0 Seaside app and this application uses ajax/Comet in some places and I 
think this requires a streaming server.
Now I start porting my old seaside application and I will see, how it 
works out.



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Hi Dietmar,

Now I can start the server via Seaside Control Panel. Great, thanks for 
fixing it so fast :-) 

The working version of the package was there, it just was not in the 
Just to say: I just made the hard work of others visible :)

Then I try to access the servers starting page I get a walk back with 
"Error: Improper store into indexable object". 

As I stated in my previous email, the reason is that the used stream does 
not support 
       #nextPutAll: with a Character as argument (and crlf too). 

Thats why WAResppnse>>writeAStatusOn: 
crashes in the first line with
       nextPut: $ ; 

Because I downloaded all freshly without changing anything I can't 
imagine, what I could have done to mess this up. 
A have the stack trace atached to this email. 
Maybe you have an idea? 

Ok, I notice you are using the ZnZincStreamingServerAdaptor.
So, that does not seem to work. 

Try the ZnZincServerAdaptor, that one works.

Do you require a streaming server?

I?ll poke around to see if this is supposed to work?

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