[Seaside] Seaside Still has an issue in a clean Pharo6 image

Tim Mackinnon tim at testit.works
Tue Jun 20 17:28:00 UTC 2017

Hi - inspired from Pharo days I’ve been relearning how to write web apps in Pharo.

Anyway, I’ve noticed that in a clean Pharo 6 image, when I load the latest Seaside (that now correctly shows the control panel) - I still get an error if I browse the counter configuration (and any configurations I make as well).

I get a walkback - "Seaside Walkback

Deprecation: The method Object>>#name called from WAClassListAttribute>>#stringForValue: has been deprecated. Implement your own domain representation of an object, or use #asString or #printString instead.”?

This error is because Pharo 6 has deprecated the use of #name in object, and it looks to me that WAObject should now override this method to avoid the deprecation.

I am also confused why in a new image there doesn’t seem to be a web server that is started automatically. I thought loading Seaside started one for you, but it seems that I have to launch my own eg. ZnZincServerAdaptor startOn: 8080.

Is this correct? This seems to go agains the assumptions of pharocloud.com <http://pharocloud.com/> as well - as they mention that seaside automatically starts a server for you. Is this something that has changed? Do I need to provide my own “autostart” class if I want to try pharocloud (I’m guessing there is a startUp method somewhere that I need to override?)

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