[Seaside] Server freezes when debugger opens

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If I understand correctly, you run a development image, not a packaged 
headless image.

First, to understand your situation: what happens if you resume the 
debugger? I can confirm that no Seaside requests are being handled as 
long as you have a debugger open. Once you resume or close the debugger, 
requests are being served again.
If that is not the case, I am not sure what you can do.

So what you need to do then is keep the debugger from popping up (maybe 
based on some conditions like System>>#isRuntime). Seaside offers Error 
handler components to do exactly that. Seaside comes with several such 
handlers, some display an error page, some open a debugger. You can 
subclass them and implement your desired behaviour.

As a starting point, look at Class WAHtmlErrorHandler.

What's important is that you register the Error Handler in your Seaside 
Application when you start things up:

app := (WAAdmin register: self asApplicationAt: somPath').

app exceptionHandler: MyExceptionHandlerClass.



Am 24.11.17 um 11:51 schrieb David Pennington:
> Hi everyone.
> I have a server running VAST 9.0 and Seaside. I have two web sites 
> using Seaside. I am not running an executable but using the VAST image 
> as both sites are under pretty much constant development so it is 
> easier this way.
> However, whenever the debugger opens, the Seaside servers freeze. I 
> then have to stop them and start them again. From then on everything 
> is fine. There is no special error that causes the freeze.
> Can anyone suggest why these servers freeze at this point? As it is, I 
> have to eep monitoring the sites to check that they are still running.
> David
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