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you are not doing anything wrong. Open your web browser's Developer 
tools and look at the links that were rendered by seaside: they contain 
URL parameters that are unique for every render (the part after the ? in 
the href parameter), so technically, the link is never visited, because 
every time you render that page, the URL parameters will be different 
(this is a simplification with edge cases and people can start picking 
on me, but you get the picture).

There are ways to make Seaside use "nice" URLs, but out of the box, this 
is just the way it works.


Am 14.09.17 um 21:50 schrieb David Pennington:
> Hi there. I have a hybrid site where some pages are rendered by 
> Seaside (using Instantiations VisualAge) and some are straight HTML. 
> In the HTML pages, I use the following in a css:
> a:link {
>     color: red;
> }
> and
> a:visited {
>     color: yellow;
> }
> This works fine. In my Seaside pages, I use a css method with the same 
> content but the visited links all turn up in a dark red, no matter 
> which colour I say to use. This is the same on all browsers tested 
> across both Windows and Macs Safari, Firefox, Edge.
> Am I doing something wrong?
> David
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