[Seaside] Setting table column widths

David Pennington david at totallyobjects.com
Thu Sep 21 16:13:31 UTC 2017

I am really lost in all of this. I know how to do this in HTML but I can't see how to do it using Seaside code. This is my code:
makePage: html
| tr |
html table: [ html tableRow: [ html tableData: [self makeGallery: html].					       html tableData: [self makeBlogReference: html]]] .
This creates two columns. The first column contains three images so the width is set by the set width of each image. The second column comprises of text scraped from the blog of the artist and the text from there is determined by what he wrote and not by me. I really need to be able to fix the width of the BlogReference column so that it matches the width of the images column.The page can be seen here - http://www.brunswickfineart.com:8080/BFAHomeDavid

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