[Seaside] Any advice on URL to component mapping before I dive in?

Karsten Kusche karsten at heeg.de
Mon Nov 12 14:28:47 UTC 2018

The URLs are resolved via Resolver objects, i.e WADispatcher/WAApplication objects. Once your application is asked to handle a URL, it’ll instantiate its root component and render it. Your root component instance will once receive an #initialRequest: call. There you can handle the rest of the URL and take appropriate actions. The parameter is a WARequest with a URL but you should ask the current RequestContext for its #consumer instead. That way you can proceed analysing the path independent of the path of your application (that’s especially important once you’ve running behind a reverse proxy).


Am 10. November 2018 um 08:30:14, gettimothy (gettimothy at zoho.com<mailto:gettimothy at zoho.com>) schrieb:

Good morning.

Thanks to the folks who wrote the Twitter Bootstrap, I figured out how to change the URL so that the URL reflects the current path in the application.
For example, like this:


However, that URL WILL NOT take you directly to the component.

That is what I would like to implement.

The Seaside Book appears to touch on this with their REST Services section, so I have that to go on.

I figured I would ask the board before I tackled this task.

Thank you in advance.


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