[Seaside] Update on SeasideDoc

gettimothy gettimothy at zoho.com
Sun Nov 18 08:05:53 UTC 2018

Quick update on SeasideDoc I am working on the presentation of the existing Help system.  The instances of ClassBasedHelpTopic present their pages just fine providing those pages  are method accessors or other ClassBasedHelpTopics. They blow up when the page is not a ClassBasedHelpTopic. See http://menmachinesmaterials.com/SeasideDoc/  -> Help Topics ->Help on Help for example. The existing Help system has other FooHelpTopic things...all subclasses of AbstractHelpTopic and a ClassBasedHelpTopic such as SqueakHelp etc can contain pages or sub classes of these types. AbstractHelpTopic subclasses {ClassAPIHelpTopic . MethodListHelpTopic . PackageAPIHelpTopic . ClassBasedHelpTopic . HtmlHelpTopic . SearchTopic . HelpTopic . DirectoryBasedHelpTopic . FileBasedHelpTopic} So, my task is to create and render 'doclets' that handle those various 'FooHelpTopic' classes. cheers. tty
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