[Seaside] Seaside One-Click Experience 3.1 – crashes on macOS

Paul DeBruicker pdebruic at gmail.com
Mon Nov 19 21:09:31 UTC 2018

The one-click hasn't been updated in a while (3yrs).  The current stable
Seaside is version 3.2.4. It works well in Pharo 6.1 both 32 and 64 bit on

Having just written it out below loading Seaside into Pharo seems convoluted
and hard to discover for a newbie but doesn't take very much active time on
your part.  

You can load and start Seaside into Pharo in this way:

Download the Pharo Launcher from http://pharo.org/web/download

Click on the "Pharo 6.1 - 64bit (tech-preview)" image template.  

Click on the create button (the icon that looks like the sun)  

That will download a pharo 6.1 image template. Once that is complete click
the "Pharo 6.1 - 64bit (tech-preview)" entry in the image list and click
"Launch."  That will start the download of the VM and image, then start the

Once the image is open click on the background to open the world menu and
open a Playground.

In the playground paste these load instructions (as found on the Seaside
github page https://github.com/SeasideSt/Seaside).

Metacello new
 repository: 'github://SeasideSt/Seaside:master/repository';

Then highlight that code with your mouse and hit Cmd+d to load seaside into
the image.  

Once seaside is loaded you need to start a web server.  Click on the image
background to open the World menu, go to Tools, then choose Seaside Control

The Seaside Control Panel is the newly opened dialog.  In the top part of
the control panel right click & choose the "Add adaptor..." option.  Choose
the ZnZincServerAdaptor.  If port 8080 isn't already being used by something
else hit OK (otherwise choose another port, e.g. 8081) and the web server
will be created & configured.  Then, while the new server adaptor is
highlighted, hit the "Start" button in the dialog to start the server.   

Then in a browser you can go to http://localhost:8080/ and see the Seaside
welcome screen.

Jiri R. wrote
> Hi,
> Is there another way to run Seaside on mac than the One-Click Experience?
> 1. Download:
> http://files.pharo.org/seaside/Seaside-3.1-portable.zip
> Seaside One-Click Experience 3.1
> 2. Open "Seaside-3.1-portable"
> –> A window titled "Pharo 4.0 ... 
> <something>
> " filled with black briefly appears than disappears and there is no sign
> (i.e. dock icon) of Seaside running.
> Jiri
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