[Seaside] WAFileLibrary deployFiles then what?

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not sure I am answering the right question here, but the idea of 
deploying files to the file system in a production system is that 
requests coming in for files never reach your smalltalk image, thus 
keeping load off your image.

So what is needed is a definition for nginx that "catches" requests to 
/files/ and redirect them to files onyour filesystem, namely the path 
you deployed your files to.

I am using Apache, so I cannot say what exactly needs to be done in nginx,

Here's what's in my apache conf for this purpose:

        Alias /files /var/www/app.kontolino
         ProxyPass /files !

         Alias /favicon.ico 
         ProxyPass /favicon.ico !

         Alias /robots.txt 
         ProxyPass /robots.txt !

So all you need to do is to transpile this for nginx ;-)



Am 21.11.18 um 08:32 schrieb gettimothy:
> After you deploy the files, does Seaside have a "pass thru" to access 
> those files automatically? or do I have to build one by hand?
> Here is the background/motivation.
> At http://menmachinesmaterials.com/SeasideDoc on left menu, under 
> "apps" you will see that the css/javascript access for 'Zurb 
> Foundation' works and neither work for the Twitter Bootstrap or Jquery 
> apps.
> The reason is that I use NGinx locations to tell where to look for 
> resources.
> My SeasideDoc and Zurb File ibraries all access their files relative 
> to the nginx defintions.  So, 'ZurbExamplesLibrary foundation.css' 
> will resolve to the correct path for Nginx to handle.
> The TBS and JQuery FileLibraries are 'self contained' and the css and 
> js is not delivered via Nginx.
> I am in the process of creating an additional library for TBS that 
> uses my convention...but...
> I just discovered the "deployFiles' method and it does do a nice dump 
> of the files I need...but then what?
> Does Seaside standard dev practice include "switching to another 
> library" that automatically routes to those urls that I am missing?
> thx in advance.
> t
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