[Seaside] JQuery & JQuery-UI documentation / learning material

Elie Choueiri elie.choueiri at gmail.com
Fri Oct 4 16:07:28 UTC 2019


I recently decided to learn some seaside but have been having trouble
finding learning material & documentation for the seaside way of
dealing with jQuery & jQuery-UI. I've gone through the draft chapters
at book.seaside.st, but don't understand how to do things that deviate
just slightly from what's written there.

For instance, having a button that, when clicked, creates an AJAX
request and passes it the data of a text field / form, or how to use
the jQuery-UI Autocomplete field and 'capture' its results to display
them in a table, or how to style the list it returns, etc.

Is there some documentation or learning material somewhere that anyone
can recommend please  :)


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