[Seaside] [ANN] Material Design Lite for Seaside v2.2.0

Cyril Ferlicot cyril.ferlicot at gmail.com
Tue Oct 29 12:27:37 UTC 2019

Hi everyone!

I am happy to announce the version 2.2.0 of Material Design Lite for seaside.


This version brings 3 new features:
- Expansion panel in the form of brushes or widget
- A table component that allows one to describe the columns content
instead of providing a collection of rows
- Predefined alerts as an extension of MDL

Thanks to Julien Delplanque who helped a lot to release this version.

You can find a demo of the MDL version at: https://mdl.ferlicot.fr/

Have a nice day
Cyril Ferlicot

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