How do I create a minimal memory?

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Thu May 31 20:49:07 UTC 2007

I have just entered this list because I want to find out how I can use 
Spoon for my next BabyUML experiment.

    /Double-click the "spoon.bat" file. This will start the Spoon 
processor, which starts a local web server.

 In the "naiad" folder are components for remote browsing and inspecting 
of the Spoon memory from a Squeak 3.9 system (they probably work with 
earlier systems as well). To use them, first start the Spoon system as 
described above.
/Then start the "naiad" application with the object memory of your choice.
/Squeak3.9/naiad OK/

Then, file in "", and load the "" project.
/OK. Poject with violet playfield (nice :-) ) and a workspace.
/"Hi; here are a few expressions to get you started with remote browsing."

    "Make sure you've filed in '' first."
        at: #ExampleWormholeServer
        put: (WormholeServer atPort: 9999).
/Looks OK/
/        "/Make sure you've started the minimal memory first."
        ExampleWormholeServer connectToPort: 7777 atHostNamed: 'localhost'./
Fails. Executing the expression hangs with Wormhole>>peer being nil.

The Spoon image is open in a window, but that window is empty and I 
cannot find any menus or command lines.

*Perhaps I should start the /minimal memory/ first, but how?? *
I'm not good at reading instructions, so I may have missed something.
Any pointer will be welcome.


This is exciting!


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