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Dan Ingalls DanI at
Wed Dec 24 04:42:21 UTC 1997

Boris Shingarov wrote...

>WOW!!!  Is there anything in Squeak that is supported or official?!!!

Of course not.  Well, the name is official, and the most recent version runs bit-identical on more platforms than most other software ;-)

Seriously, there is something here that touches on Squeak philosophy.  Official standards and product support are the enemies of change.  Next to universal access, malleability is the prime figure of merit for Squeak.  It is our intention for Squeak to evolve.

I once read a derogatory reference in comp.lang.smalltalk to Squeak's dependence on the whimsical enthusiasm of a couple of wizards.  Who could ever make product plans upon such shifting sands?

The answer is simple:  A Squeak release includes everything about itself, and probably 25% of the folks on this distribution list could maintain the any given version single-handedly for the next 20 years.  It's better than being supported.  It's having control over your destiny.

....just couldn't resist...

	- Dan

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