Time bug under Windows

Ian Piumarta piumarta at prof.inria.fr
Thu Dec 25 12:00:29 UTC 1997

>         I had a simmilar problem, but I'm using Squeak in Linux & Solaris, I'm
> almost sure that the problem has something to do with timezone, 'couse I'm in
> GNT+3 and I have a 3 hours difference in Squeak's clock, is there some fix to
> this problem?

Timezones have been causing problems for Unix for a while (ever since the
arrival of HP-UX -- sorry, I couldn't resist ;).  Richie Bielak has been
doing some serious investigation into this, and he sent me some patches a
couple of days ago which I haven't had chance to test out on multiple
platforms yet.  (Trouble is, as far as daylight savings are concerned, it
can take up to 6 months to discover that "it isn't quite right yet". ;)

One thing that he found to improve the situation was explicitly calling
tzset(), something that I was hitherto foolishly trusting to work like
the manual page claims:

	 The  tzset() function initializes the tzname variable from the TZ
	 environment variable.  This function is automatically  called  by
	 the other time conversion functions that depend on the time zone.

Live and learn...


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