ANSI Smalltalk draft standard completed!

AlumsHubby AlumsHubby at
Mon Dec 22 16:06:50 UTC 1997

I've heard Smalltalk described (fairly or unfairly) as a "dying" language and
have been advised not to spend much time looking at it; C++ , my CompSci
instructor declared, was the way to go in learning marketable OO skills.  In
the face of such opposition, I wonder how it is that people are investing the
resources to get an ANSI standard in the pipeline.  What are the advantages of
Smalltalk over other languages...or is there a FAQ list I'm supposed to read
for questions like that?

I've noticed some international participation in the list.  If ANSI gets a
standard in place, will ISO follow suit, or is that another can of worms

Thanx,  Bill McClain (mailto:alumshubby at

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