VM crash

William O. Dargel wDargel at shoshana.com
Mon Dec 29 05:13:28 UTC 1997

Leandro Caniglia wrote:

> Could someone try to reproduce the VM crash I'm experiencing by
> repeating the steps bellow? Thank you.
> 1. Open a workspace and evaluate: " self halt error: 'An error
> message...' "
> 2. When the 'Halt encountered' window pops up, select debug.
> 3. From the debbuger menu, select 'step' (stepping the #halt)
> 4. Then select 'step' one more time (trying to step the #error:).
> 5. Wait to see if the VM crashes...
> I'm using Squeak 1.23 on NT 4.0

I also get the same VM crash following the above steps using Squeak 1.23
on NT 3.51.

The dump file said:
    Current byte code: 0
    Primitive index: 88
    Stack dump follows:
        8360392 [] in BlockContext>newProcess

While on the subject of VM crashes... A while ago I had 3 VM crashes in
3 days. I don't know what caused them and couldn't seem to reproduce
them at the time. As I recall, I was just browsing around, doing things
like highlighting text and asking for the senders or implementors. The
dumps were all the same:
    Current byte code: 224
    Primitive index: 128
    Stack dump follows:
This was also Squeak 1.23 on NT 3.51. Does anyone have any insight on
what might be causing such crashes?

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