New comment delimiter?

Gerardo Richarte gr at
Thu Dec 25 08:41:55 UTC 1997

Just an idea:
	What if we use the color and/or size of the text to show if it's a
comment for programers, a comment for users, just a comment, or anything
It has some problemas like storing all that information as text (HTML may
help?), and it also makes you learn some color codes to understand what's
written (size can help for this problem), but it has
a very nice pro: You can write a book in this way, with titles,
subtitles, superscripts (?), etc. and of course embedded examples!

	What do you think?

	Writer Bye!

PS: I have a one day delay to get my mail back from the list,
    'couse neither my mail server nor me are on-line...

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