v1.23 corrupting images

Leslie Tyrrell tyrrell at canis.uiuc.edu
Tue Dec 30 08:32:19 UTC 1997

Ian Piumarta wrote:

> Another clue: while debugging I also noticed a ludicrous value in the
> stackp slot of the same context.  Maybe this is a slighty more useful
> nugget of information?
> Ian
When did "ludicrous" get introduced?  It doesn't seem to be defined in my image...

What are the semantics of this value?  How did you determine that it was ludicrous?

    ( someCondition )
        ifLudicrous: [ .... ]


    [ someCondition ] whileLudicrous: [ ... ]

or perhaps something like-

    anObject isLudicrous


( sorry... it's the fatigue talking, I swear! ;^)

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