running image on another computer

Lex Spoon lex at
Sun Apr 12 18:44:52 UTC 1998

BAVECO writes:
 > I tried to run my image from another computer on the network (with the VM
 > copied to this other computer). It works OK, except that sources and changes
 > files are not available: Squeak looks for these files on the machine where the
 > VM is (more or less hard-coded by appending imagename.changes to
 > "SystemDictionary vmFile"). Wouldn't it be reasonable to take the location of
 > the image file as the default location to look for changes and sources files,
 > instead of the location of the VM?
 > How hard would it be to change to current setting?

This is actually how it works, at least on Unix:

    $ mkdir empty
    $ cd empty/
    $ ls
    $ type Squeak
    Squeak is hashed (/b3/home/lex/bin/Squeak)   
    $ Squeak /home/lex/squeak/lex.image

There is no warning about missing changes files, so it seems okay (I
don't know how to check for what exact changes file is being used).

I will point out, though, that we had some trouble here with Windows
NT sometimes changing long filenames into mangled 8.3 filenames.
Something to do with SMB filesystems perhaps.  We ended up having
people copy things over to a local drive and running from there.  Are
you running off a network drive?


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