compiling blocks

John Brant brant at
Tue Apr 28 23:32:42 UTC 1998

At 04:36 PM 4/28/98 -0300, David Farber wrote:
>how do i compile '[ :foo | foo bar]' on the fly so that i can store it in an
>instance variable and send value: to it sometime later on?
>also, what if i reference self in the block, like '[ :foo | foo bar: self]'.
>what do i need to do to make sure that self evaluates to the object that is
>holding the block?

You can look at the Compiler>>evaluate:in:to:notifying:ifFail: method.
Here's an example:

	| test block |
	test := 5.
	block := Compiler new
		evaluate: '[:a | a + test + self]' 
		in: thisContext 
		to: self
		notifying: nil 
		ifFail: [nil].
	^block value: 10

4 foo ==> 19 (a=10, test=5, self=4)

John Brant

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