Squeak and SMP

Dwight Hughes dwighth at ipa.net
Fri Apr 24 18:09:45 UTC 1998

[warning: the following may be entirely blue sky , but it is very *nice*
blue sky <g>]

"Concurrent Compacting Garbage Collection of a Persistent Heap"
by James O'Toole, Scott Nettles, and David Gifford. December 1993.
"Concurrent Replicating Garbage Collection."
by James O'Toole and Scott Nettles. April 1993.


present a possible approach (real time GC is covered by other papers at this
I very much want to try to convert Squeak over to the replicating GC
presented here (real life has proven extremely time consuming lately
however, sigh).
Replication GC should be capable of at least soft real time constraints
since it has
no (incremental) time dependence on object size or number of objects and its
incremental time slices can be tuned as needed.

 -- Dwight

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>Do you have a line on a real time concurrent GC that is really
>real time? (Some algorithms have been claimed to be real time
>which aren't.)
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