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Tim Rowledge rowledge at interval.com
Tue Apr 21 01:19:29 UTC 1998

On Mon 20 Apr, Chris Reuter wrote:
> > Jecel wrote:
> > I have an idea for a very neat "palm top" computer based on
> > Squeak and the StrongARM processor. It would be somewhat
> > like Squeak on the Newton or like a super Pilot. It wouldn't
> > have a pen, but a touchpad for the pointer and a "chorded"
> > keyboard for text entry. Black and White as well as Color
> > versions would be available. It would be very simple, but
> > have several other features.
> >
Such a device would indeed be nice, but you don't want to use a plain StrongARM - try one of the newer integrated devices with much more of the machine on-chip. An ARM9TDMI might be better.
> I want one.
Me too.
> Actually, having thought about this a bit, I've concluded that my
> ideal Squeak box would be a replacement for my TRS-80 Model 100--that
> is, notebook-sized, light, rugged, durable and cheap.  Also, a
> full-sized keyboard and display would be nice and it ought to be able
> to run for hours without needing battery replacement.
Certainly it would have more chance of that than a pentiumII !
If you really want something like this, you might want ot keep your eys on news:comp.sys.acorn.misc as there is supposedly a new portable ARM machine coming soon - and since it will run RiscOS, you could use my port of Squeak straight awa

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