Announcement: New port of Squeak

Boris G. Chr. Shingarov usib6tfj at
Thu Aug 6 06:51:32 UTC 1998

Hi Juan Manuel,

> I have just released a new, native OS/2 port of Squeak.

Saw it.  Great job!!!

> Boris Shingarov had done a small modification to allow OS/2 run
> the UNIX version, under XWindows emulation. But XWindows support
> isn't installed in OS/2 by default, and I haven't tried it, but
> I think the screen redraw speed shouldn't be good.

Just very small correction here.  My port uses XFree86 for OS/2
which I can't regard as 'emulation'.  It's true XFree86; the source
to XFree86 is the same for the OS/2 version and the Unix versions.
XFree86/2 uses its own Ring 0 driver to directly access the video
hardware, and uses the same hardware acceleration mechanisms as
on other Unices.  So it's not emulation no-no-no.  The real bottle-
neck here is that usually you connect to the X server via TCP/IP;
but the recent versions of XFree86 support Shared Memory and so
does Squeak; so the screen redraw speed is _AMAZINGLY_ good.

> I included a practical mapping of several keys.

Something I _really_ loved.

> This first version doesn't still have support for sound, MIDI,
> serial port, networking or joystick.

I'm trying to get the net working (although it's somewhat orthogonal
to what I do with Squeak now).

Btw, did you try Cheese 5 yet?



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