hidden methods idea

John-Reed Maffeo (rlpa80) rlpa80 at email.sps.mot.com
Wed Aug 19 17:34:46 UTC 1998

I have no intrest in hiding anything in the base system. It is already
difficult for me to figure out what is what. Hiding things might make
matters worse.

Many things that experienced Squeakers take for granted are oblibious to

The ability to filter lists is desireable as long as the
filtering (and unfiltering) is obvious.



Stephan B. Wessels wrote:
> > On Wed, 19 Aug 1998, Georg Gollmann wrote:
> >
> > What I meant to say, is that the Browser could simply suppress category
> > names that starts with a dot '.'
>   I get a little fussy when we declare that "dot" is the right way.  One
> person's preference being the case there.
> It's an interesting idea, but what if we went with something more powerful
> where the category is not a string at all but rather a more sophisticated
> object that could, among other things, hold the string name and an attribute
> that declares privacy?  My mind is still not settled about whether the Java/C
> private thing is a good fit but I can see the suitability for "filtering"
> based upon some range of attributes defined by the developer or team.

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