Squeaking the Web

Alejandro F. Reimondo alereimondo at sugarweb.com
Sun Aug 2 00:00:02 UTC 1998

 I'm very happy because I can implement the Squeak Virtual machine as an ActiveX component.
Now we can embedd a Squeak image in a WEB page!
It is very important, because now we can write active content for the web in Squeak.
We can load a Squeak image in a web page, perform a filein from a remote server, save the image in the local disk...
Provably in the near future we (the people of sugar) can show our miniatures working in the web, and people will use browsers to see the code and inspect the living objects directly from the web page!
It is really exiting.

You can visit my pages on Smalltalk in the Web at
or http://www.sugarWeb.com/Web/index.htm (in spanish)

Please visit the page, and see the examples.
I will be waiting for your comments.

Alejandro F. Reimondo
Feel free to visit Smalltalk User Group of Argentina (SUGAR)
at http://www.sugarWeb.com

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