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Thu Aug 6 14:16:35 UTC 1998

To:   squeak at cs.uiuc.edu


Hi Boris,

I apologize for speaking about the performance of your work without
actually trying it. I never saw Squeak running in UNIX, but I thought that
the speed of a game oriented api like DIVE or DirectX should be better than
that of XWindows. I also think that DirectX could help get a faster Squeak
on low end Windows systems. Again, I'm not really shure about it.

I will first add sound and MIDI support (I will then start to work on sound
and music modelling, maybe I'll port Siren to OS/2). But I don't know much
about TCP/IP, and if you want to help me with that I'll be very glad.

Could you refresh me where can I download Cheese? Does it still need
XFree86? (I never used the first releases 'cause I don't have it). Btw,
could you finally get something working on the AS/400?

Thank for your comments.

Juan Manuel Vuletich
jvuletic at dc.uba.ar

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