Squeak 2.1/Linux/sound!

Kevin Fisher kfisher at rim.net
Wed Aug 19 12:34:47 UTC 1998

Lex Spoon <lex at cc.gatech.edu> wrote:
> Wow, I was wondering if anyone was looking at those dusty old web
> pages.

Yes, I ran across it on one of the Swiki servers.

>  > (PS--have any Linux Squeakers out there considered trying ALSA instead of
>  > the OSS/Lite drivers?) 
>  > 
> What is ALSA?  Something that runs on more Unices than Linux would
> certainly be interesting.  (OSS claims to run on tons of OSes, but
> practically not many people have it available.  What does *BSD use?)
> Lex

Well, ALSA is a re-implimentation of the UNIX sound drivers, this time for
free.  OSS/Lite is getting kinda old, and the full OSS costs cash (and you 
don't get the source, I don't think).  ALSA is OSS compatible and yet is 
trying to take Linux sound to the next step.  I tried the ALSA drivers with my 
AWE64 and they worked really well, even though they are technically only at 
version 0.20.  They have some really ambitions plans and I hope that things 
come together...it looks pretty good even as it is.

The web page is at http://alsa.jcu.cz/, although it doesn't look like it is 
totally up to date.

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