update of my Web browser

Lex Spoon lex at cc.gatech.edu
Fri Aug 14 01:03:15 UTC 1998

Bob Arning writes:
 > Lex,
 > There seems to be a problem. Trying to download Scamper, I get
 > -----
 > Forbidden
 > You don't have permission to access /~lex/squeak/www0.3/ on this server.
 > -----

You can download the individual files for now, using the links off the
Swiki page.  When the server updates again at 06:00 EDT tomorrow
morning, the listing should be back.

 > In the area of VM improvements, I mentioned earlier the possiblity of giving Scamper a greater share of the processor without the UI losing control altogether. I have just finished some VM changes that remove a stumbling block in this area (on the Mac, at least) and was just about to test with the old Scamper when I saw this. I will check back later to see if the permision issue is sorted out.

I've got a different perspective: I really don't think HTML parsing
and formatting, or even image decoding, should be nearly as slow as it
is.  Therefore, my efforts are more on making these faster, than on
finding ways to tolerate its current slowness.  If each of these
operations gets down to a few tens of milliseconds, then it doesn't
matter how you schedule it--the user can't tell.


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