Morphic & Self 4.0

Eric Maximiliano Rodriguez Guevara eguevara at
Sun Aug 23 01:24:53 UTC 1998

Kevin Fisher wrote:
> This is just a general question...I now have access to a Solaris box that is 
> running Self 4.0.  I'm eager to dive into Morphic, but I'm wondering if there 
> is any benefit to playing with it on Self first, before trying it in Squeak?
> A quick glance shows me that the Self Morphic interface is somewhat different
> than what I've seen under Squeak, although there is enough commonality between 
> the two (except that Self won't run on anything but an 8-bit display :p ).
> (I must say that that huge collaborative workspace is intreguing...any plans 
> for amalgamating that into Squeak?)

Take a look at the morphic Wrappers in, I belive it has 
the same spirit of what you're talking about (it's still in development, 
and you can collaaborate if you want to, even with your oppinion only).

Eric Rodriguez Guevara
eguevara at

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