Squeak on NEXTSTEP 3.3 [0.2d14]

Pascal Bourguignon pjb at imaginet.fr
Wed Aug 26 02:40:13 UTC 1998

I've published the version 0.2d14 of the Squeak User Interface for NeXTSTEP  
3.3 (it may run on OPENSTEP 4.2 too, you'll tell me) in:

	(982880 bytes).

It's compiled for Motorola and for Intel, and the sources are now compilable  

Right now it's a NEXTSTEP source, so it won't compile on OPENSTEP systems  
such as Rhapsody. I should upgrade to OPENSTEP 4.2 in the next couple of  
months, so interested people should be able to compile it on Rhapsody soon.

__Pascal Bourguignon__

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