hidden methods idea

David Stes stes at mundivia.es
Wed Aug 19 14:01:49 UTC 1998

On Wed, 19 Aug 1998, Georg Gollmann wrote:

> Private to you or private to the class ?

Invisible in the browser ("hidden"), was what I had in mind. 

Private is somewhat of misleading term, so I shouldn't have said private. 

> The latter case is already implemented. See Symbol>isPvtSelector and
> MessageNode>pvtCheckForPvtSelector:

That seems to test for selectors that start with the letters "pvt", so
that those messages can only be sent to 'self' ...

That's NOT what I had in mind. 

What I meant to say, is that the Browser could simply suppress category
names that starts with a dot '.'

You could then have a option in the preferences 'showhidden' (true or
false) just like you have now 'disableSounds'. 

It's just like a .file in Unix, as I said.  If you know its name, you can
access it as any other file, but by default "ls" will not list it. 

In fact, the reason why I tried calling my category '.Support' was that I
thought, "Surely, they have implemented a trick like this too", but I
don't see it ...

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