Squeak on Apple Rhapsody/Mac OS Server

Joshua Johnson Marker lux at umich.edu
Wed Aug 26 06:09:30 UTC 1998

> i don't know how i got on your list, but i wish all you geeks would quit 
> sending me this geeky shit about some obscure computer questions.  Turn 
> the damn thing on and use it and quit trying to make love to it.
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	I suppose if we don't make it clear that we're not peddling porn,
we deserve this kind of riff-raff.
	'Sir': We're the ones who make it possible for you to use your
computer, for anything you want to. And even if we weren't, the courtesy
of a polite request should be extended.

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There's only one way to use 'Windows NT' and 'security' in the same
sentence, and this is it.
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